Nur Farah Damri

Monday, August 28, 2006

:: Nur Farah Damri ::

A.Karim BAR loves Nur Farah Damri

Notwithstanding the pain that I bear within

Unable to describe these contradicting feelings

Rendering my emotions to new boundaries

Free from fear and free from worries ~

A new beginning with no ending in sight;

Reality and Fantasy are about to unite

Abridging Fear and Pleasure in one fight.

How is this possible? Why does it happen?

Dare I ask the Almighty and question His actions?

Amidst all these conundrums and quandaries

My mind is clear and my heart is free.

Rest assured that they would agree ~

I am in love with Nur Farah Damri!

~ A.Karim BAR

24 May 2004